Disconnect to Refresh

Monday, July 13, 2015


Are you feeling a little too tied down to your phone, computer or TV? Well, I have a good challenge for you, and the fact that it's Summer makes this an even better time to try this and to soak up warm experiences and memories!

Today is my first day back from a wonderful, long, vacation in northern Michigan.  After 10 days of being disconnected from electronics (That's right.  No internet, phone, or TV) I feel REFRESHED!

I feel really good. I have noticed again that focusing on people, nature and experiences are the best things! Sadly, it took me 10 days to remember this...But I'm proud of myself for getting there.


  vacation       festival tickets

{Keep calm and head up north}   {Blissfest Music Festival = fun}

The thoughts that interrupt me on a daily basis like:  I have to take a picture to share with social media, I should "check in", did I get a new email, I should look that one super-food up (multiple times a day), maybe there's a new cool necklace on Etsy, I need to watch my videos about how to be a better entrepreneur - all of these thoughts have me stopped and staring into a computer or phone screen and take attention away from what's going on around me and where I could be off and running to!

Thankfully, these thoughts slowly went away over the 10 days and I spent time instead creating my own fun, having good conversations, food, and experiences. -Documenting these experiences is important and pictures are always fun, of course! But, I did noticed I took pictures more casually and took them FOR ME, to have as a memory, and truly enjoyed the moment.


{Enjoying Summer Music}

I found that I had better conversations with a lot of new people. My eyes were looking up and out and lead to noticing people to connect with and say hi to.

Another thing that came from this disconnect with daily distractions: I feel more connected to myself and to what I want. More energized. That is a really good feeling. I realized how exhausting and stressful always having access to the WWW is (World Wide Web).  I feel like that sounds a little silly, but it's true, at least for me.


{Days on Lake Michigan}

So being on a vacation or in a place that pretty much forces you to disconnect when you have no service on your phone, no internet and no TV - makes it's pretty easy to do this. But, how do you accomplish this disconnect in a place where it's hard to get away from it all? 

For most of us, using a computer or phone is pretty mandatory for our jobs. But think of unique ways to separate yourself from the office electronics, small changes can have a big impact, like: printing your spreadsheet and sitting outside or standing at your desk to go over it.  Leave your phone behind to take a walk/stretch break on your downtime instead of surfing the Internet. Even better, invite a co-worker to walk with you.

What about your home life? When you get home could you challenge yourself to going device free for 1 day, 3 days, or a whole week?  I think you should! I think you will love it.

Pretend you have "no service" and see what happens.